Monday, August 13, 2007

11 August 2007 Caching in the woods

We have been lucky lately with a number of really good woods caches being placed near us. We decided to head off this afternoon for a handful of those caches. We started with a trip to a local hobby store to purchase eleven ammo cans for an upcoming cache series we are planning. From there we headed to Crescent Park to take photos and coords for a couple Waymarks. Then it was time for the woods.

We started with maintenence on two of our ANF caches. Then we headed off to Hearts Content. We left Hearts Content and made our way to the North Country Walking Trail. We finished our excursion with two nice, long hikes in the Minister Creek area. Our travels included finally finding the elusive High Above the Minister cache. This was an outstanding cache with a really challenging walk in and a tiring hunt in the rocks. We hunted for a long time before Ali found the cache in.... oh no, that would take away future finders fun. This simple hide was so well done that I grabbed an image at the hide site, and seeing the photo would still not give this one away. It was a grand day in the woods (finished with a trip to the ice cream stand).

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