Wednesday, August 01, 2007

28 July 2007 Visiting the Prairie Cemeteries

Stopping at Charles Mill Lake

Each year we pick a day in late July or early August to head west of Plain City, Ohio and visit the prairie cemeteries. Smith and Bigelow Cemetaries have nice stands of native prairie flowers and grasses.

We started today with a stop near Charles Mill Lake. One of the early caches was a woods cache at Charles Mill Lake. It should have been pretty normal stuff except there was a water skiing and water boarding competition going on at the lake. The trail hike to the cache was along a trail with loudspeakers pointed into the woods in the direction of the lake. The music was at least 100 decibles. There was a speaker stand less than 20' from the cache. It was very strange. Still, Charles Mill was great. Once we were away from the speakers, it was peaceful and relaxing. It was a huge contrast to Lake Milton. We found a cache to add to our favorites list, Helltown II, The Rebirth!!

As usual I took way too many photos. The hummingbird image is from Bigelow Cemetery. Second post to follow.

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