Tuesday, August 21, 2007

18 August 2007 Neanderthal... the adventure continues

We actually used the stream three times as the path on this adventure.

The face on the right extends about twice as high as what is visible. It has claimed Ceasar's gps, briefly claimed a Jeep TB, and almost claimed me.

The last stretch of stream to follow...

This marshy area, a few beaver dam crossings and the worst climb of the hike are all that remain at this point. :-)

Rev. Mike's Lakeside cache makes the perfect cool down.

Now that we've survived the adventure was fun. It wasn't when I had dropped a travel bug over the side of the cliff that claimed Ceasar's gps. It certainly wasn't fun when I lost my grip after dropping the travel bug over the side of the cliff that claimed Ceasar's gps. It wasn't even fun when I hooked my arm around a tree as I was sliding down the hill towards the side of the cliff that claimed Ceasar's gps. We missed claiming salvage rights to Ceasar's gps, but I did go over the side farther along the trail and did recover the travel bug.

The path we took started with Little Wimpy followed by Remember Geocaching, the Big Easy, On The Edge, and Halfway. We both agreed that On The Edge and Halfway are the two most difficult caches on the loop. They are made even worse by the fact that you are physically whipped when you go for them, but there is no way I would go over the side for Half Way first. It is so steep that I crawled a portion of the way out. Lakeside was a great cool down at the end of the adventure. The container is the best of its type rivaled only by one in the 2006 ODNR series. If you are physically up to it, don't miss these.

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