Wednesday, August 01, 2007

28 July 2007 Visiting the Prairie Cemeteries

The prairies and Beyond

We dodged rain most of the day. We were able to drive through three or four rainfalls with the top down and the speed up. We finally ran out of luck just outside Lucas, Ohio. We drove through a steady rain for quite a while, but were standing in sunshine by the time we reached the first cemetery. The flowers weren't as plentiful as past years, but they were grand as always. It is hard to describe and hard to capture on picture. The place needs to be seen in person. While we were at Bigelow, we were treated to three hummingbirds.

One our way home we found yet another cache for the favorites list, Creaking Tree, Hidden Cache is a monster cache at night. It was hidden at night so I thought it fitting to go after it in the dark. Ali tried to convince me turning around was the prudent idea more than once, but we pushed on a got a really fun smiley.

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