Tuesday, August 21, 2007

18 August 2007

troglodytes...cave men...cave women...Neanderthal...

You will be going down to the bottom of that. You'll also be going up behind it... back down again.. along the edge of it... and don't forget when you are exhausted... back to the top.

This was Ali in the 'easy' section. If you are smart about your approach, Little Wimpy is fairly easy.

This is pretty much it for the way down.

After you find Rev. Mike's cache at the bottom, you are very near to this pleasant place to relax. If the water is low, following the stream will make the journey easier.

Be careful with your footing. Ali's hiking stick was really helpful.

Most of the hike through this series of caches I kept hearing the Jimmy Castor Bunch's song in my head. Uh, don't try these unless you can really read a map, are in shape, and okay with taking a few risks. Just a gps pointing the way here is a really good way to be in serious trouble. You should also forget the cache description that says this takes three hours. That time estimate was before two additional caches were added.

The series was all we expected and more. It has great views. It is a monster hike. It has walks along the river bed (okay, you actually are in the river). You get to be one with nature. I never walked over a beaver dam before this cache. Now I've walked over multiples. I had also never seen coyotes in the wild. We were surprised, but they just about jumped out of their fur when they saw us. We were prepared, and we got lucky with a relatively cool day. This series could be hell on a hot day or after a rain. Don't even think about it in the snow.

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