Tuesday, August 21, 2007

16 August 2007 Como Park

Ahhhhh... Como Park. I'm not certain of the language derivation for Como Park, but I'm certain it translates to place of nice walks and lots of dnf's.

Gryff and I have been here multiple times caching. With the exception of a couple nice finds on our first visit, almost all cache finds here have come at the expense of multiple trips. I've suggested a few times since the spring that we come back and tackle a few of our dnf monsters. Gryff has very deftly suggested another equally exciting location to throw me off the pursuit of Como. Tonight I prevailed and we returned. Our first target was a multi with the second stage at a bridge. I remember two other stops here although my mind may be surpressing the pain. I remember a foot falling through the ice by the bridge. Oh no, flashbacks! As we approached stage 2 this evening Gryff was making sounds somewhere between a whimper and a groan. HA! we found the stage and raced for the final. A mere thirty minutes later we had bagged an ammo can in a small stretch of woods. It had to be a great hide; otherwise, we would need to hide our heads in shame.

With this wonderful multi in the smiley column, we headed off toward the scene of yet another infamous dnf. A five-stage multi starting near the parking area by the lake. By now Gryff was game for the hunt. We arrived at the parking area and soon realized we weren't alone :-0. A father and daughter team were caching at stage 1. After meeting the really nice team of Lawsome97, we all set to find a very tricky stage 1. We didn't :-( Gryff's expression says it all about this reportedly really tricky hide. A half-hour later, we gave in and headed for the artillery cache near the park entrance. On the way to the gun, I may be mistaken, but I believe I heard the same whimpering groan from Gryff as I heard on the way to the bridge ;-). We all began to hunt in earnest and about five minutes later, the cache was in hand. It's amazing how much bolder the hunt grows as the group grows.

A few quick micros ended a really fun evening. I can't wait for the next return to Como. They've left plenty of caches for us to dnf.

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