Monday, August 27, 2007

25 August 2007 Beaver Creek Sprucevale Road

Our early evening stop was to find a quartet of caches we missed when we were here with Lep last month. We had been back in this area many years ago to fish the stream. On that visit we hugged the shore. This evening we were heading up and away. The hiking was really treacherous for most of the way out. We were hugging a rock face for a good portion of the way. The third cache went beyond the rock face to a section fo woods where there was a primitive horse trail. It was a really serene area and a big surprise. The cache was very near a clearing in a nice stretch of woods. Our last cache was back down the horse trail to a stream called Long's Run. By the time we reached Long's Run, it was pouring. We found the cache, but the intense rain robbed us of the chance to visit a very scenic place we had never visited before.

I was really concerned about the rain and the rock face between us and safety, but we negotiated it easily and quickly. As we finished the hike, the rain was gone and the last remnants of the day were giving the show in these pictures. The post sunset shot was taken about five minutes from Beaver Creek at an RC plane field. We hunted this last cache as darkness fell.

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