Friday, August 03, 2007

29 July 2007 Merinelli's 4x4 and other Trumbull Caches

We finally went to Trumbull County and grabbed this cache. It was worth the wait and the time it took to find it. Goat Haunt had a rare summer weekend off so we loaded up the geomobile and made tracks for a different county. We were all a little concerned about where we parked, but it was okay. The place where Merinelli's 4x4 is located is a little strange. There is a small pond in the area with concrete steps leading into it from a different day. There is also an old Dodge van that has been driven into the pond. The trails are a little rough but only the final has some monster bushwhacking. The cache is really well thought out and works well for the area. It should be a must do for NEOGEO's.

The rest of the day was a mix of some really old caches and a handfull of dnf's. Caching Trumbull, like caching Mahoning, can get really depressing, but just when you've seen some nasty stuff, you get to stop at a nice park and chase a cool cache. We logged more dnf's than usual (one was confirmed missing and one not found in almost a year), and Goat Haunt found the remants of a muggled cache in a stream, but the company was excellant and there were enough nice caches to save the day. Oh and I can't forget, I was able to grab a few new Waymarks for listing. Goat Haunt averted his eyes while I was documenting those. :-)

Trumbull has jumped on the idea of civic decorations with a theme. There's Buffalo in Buffalo. There's guitars in Cleveland. The Trumbull theme is Packard hood ornaments. We saw two of them. They were a different twist on the same theme, but a nice idea.

I also got a bonus of some smashed pennies at the Turnpike Rest Stop. Many thanks to fellow smashed penny addicts Geauga Garmin and Chris K for letting me know there are machines at each rest stop. I'm not so certain Ali is thrilled. ;-)

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