Monday, September 29, 2008

18 September 2008 Playing Tourist in Maine

We started and spent most of the day in Portland. Maine's oldest cache is located near Portland Headlight. It is a very old lighthouse and the most photographed in the USA. Guess what, it has been photographed even more now :-). The area around the lighthouse is also known as Fort Williams. From a time pre-WWI through WWII the shoreline was protected with large artillery bunkers. The ruin sites of the armaments are a true bit of history as is the old mansion that was a residence/NCO club in war time. We really played tourists here with even a stop at the gift shop. We grabbed lots of information for Waymarks, found the oldest geocache and scooted off to another local park for another old Maine cache find and a nice park walk.

Our last stop in Maine was at Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine. I felt really out of place in Perkins Cove. It was a tourist place that didn't really want tourists. The walk along the waterfront seemed to exist so that the locals could take a stroll on their way to a restaurant. Alone, I would have not even bothered to park, but the town is the home of a friend's family and a childhood memory. She will be certain to ask Ali if we made a stop.

Unfortunately we made our way back to New Hampshire and our stop for the evening in mostly darkness. On our way to the hotel, we passed through a number of gorgeous New England towns that certainly looked like what we missed on our first pass through New Hampshire. It was too late for photos and too late to explore with a little Waymarking.

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