Sunday, November 16, 2014

13 June 2014 Beargrass and Orchids (Mount Spokane)

Some days are perfect. Visiting Mount Spokane State Park has been on my wish list for a few years. I've made a few attempts at an after work visit even reaching the park entrance once. Each time, it was too late to make an attempt at visiting the park. Today, I had part of the afternoon available and one of the longest days of the year. Being able to visit with Ali promised to make the trip more special. I was a wee bit whiny about insisting on this visit so I was hoping it would turn out well. ;)

It was awesome. There were wildflowers everywhere. Despite a later than expected start, we were able to visit both Mount Kit Carson and Mount Spokane. The wildflowers were varied and abundant. There were also nice geocaches in the park. I liked Mount Kit Carson more than Mount Spokane, but both were places I would happily visit again. It was a special day.

I liked the twisty park road.

Our first beargrass spotting

Clasping Twist

Cross Shaped Mitella

Triple Sugar Scoop

Queen cups look much like Pennsylvania's clintonia.

Oregon Lungwort


Towering Loosewort

Arriving at Mount Kit Carson

This was the first time we saw Davidson's Penstamon.

Ali at Mount Kit Carson

A waterfall by the trail on the return from Mount Kit Carson

Clouds and rain were moving in once we reached Mount Spokane.

June snow at Mount Spokane

Fawn Lily

Looking out toward Lake Newman

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