Monday, November 03, 2014

25 May 2014 Forest County

We were Forest County to find the first caches in the Pennsylvania 50-star cache series. While many cachers were finding the caches in one day, we knew the series would take more than one trip. The hides surprised me since they had nice variety and creativity. The views of the day were not so wonderful, but they were pleasant. Most of the spring wildflowers were gone, but we did get to see some very nice roadside tiarella.

The old Knox and Kinzua Railroad tracks will soon disappear from view. The days of the excursion train from Kane taking visitors over the now collapsed Kinzua Bridge are long gone.

We don't see rosy maple moths too often, but they are unmistakable when spotted in the woods.

This is our Pennsylvnia star progress at the end of Day 1. We left three unfound caches for a return visit.

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