Sunday, November 23, 2014

15 June 2014 Metaline Falls to Creston

After a nice evening's sleep we returned back to Metaline Falls and Cathy's Café for breakfast. After enjoying breakfast, we made our way to the Visitor Center which is an old Union Pacific baggage car. The inside of the quirky visitor center also included a library area with an ongoing book sale. I spotted The Body in The Library, an Agatha Christie I hadn't read and bought it for a future read.

The other end of main street Metaline Falls

The falls of Metaline Falls were removed a long time ago for development, but the river remains a site of beauty.

Before our short trip to the border we made a detour to visit Crawford State Park and a tour of Gardner Cave. Gardner Cave was discovered in the late 1900's and was eventually given to the state to become the key part of Crawford State Park. Our tour guide was enthusiastic an knowledgeable. I enjoyed the too short visit to the cave.

Little did I know the cave would soon be a warm memory.

Before and after the cave tour, we walked for another find in the park, stopped to see some wildflowers, and made our first entry into BC.

Our journey to a trail above Mill Pond led to more wildflowers and a stream crossing over some raging falls.

We made our way across the border and found a couple caches in pouring rain. Ali got wet in the rain and was too cold to head out for a few finds. Creston Pass was beautiful, but the temperature dropped steadily as we climbed to the summit. When we got to the summit we stopped it was 34 degrees as we stopped at a provincial park. I left Ali to walk out for one or two of the caches, On the way to the first cache, I fell through the snow twice but luckily did not start a slide. I decided one find was enough.

We really liked Creston. It was a small, Canadian town. From spending weeks near Picton in summers of my youth to making short trips to the north, these towns are always places I enjoy. I opted for a pizza in town for dinner, but Ali was quite happy to enjoy fish and chips.

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