Saturday, November 08, 2014

30 May 2014 Ice Cream on a Pirate Ship

It was Friday and time to go home for the weekend. I found a few caches on my way to Onoville and an ice cream treat. Onoville was a town before the Allegheny Reservoir was formed. The town slipped away under the water once the dam was built. Today, there's a few businesses and residences on the road across from the marina for the reservoir. The ice cream stand at Onoville includes a "pirate ship" with a deck with tables overlooking the marina. It was a relaxing place to stop for a break between weeks of audits multiple states apart.

Arrrrr...pirates like ice cream too.

There's always that twinge to get back on a boat and the water. It's really strong on days like today. I guess it's like an addict always looking...

I stopped for a cache placed by a friend in our home county. At first I thought it was just a roadside hide. Then I realized she had placed it very near this scenic stream. It was my only find of the day and a perfect place to stop for a bit.

Back at our home it was nice to see the blossoms. Our rhododendrons were in full bloom. I planted these in 2001. They have been growing and thriving since. This year, I was able to start some new bushes from the existing ones. They are growing nicely in their pots and should be ready to plant next spring.

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