Saturday, November 22, 2014

14 June 2014 Life in a Northern Town

We liked this journey so much, we started it twice. Actually, we stopped for fuel where I realized I had forgotten my credit card at a restaurant the evening before. This was my second bad mistake of the trip following losing my cell phone the evening we arrived. I knew I was tired and forgetful and this was a second big alarm. We were able to recover the card from the amazing crew at the restaurant from the evening before. With our journey back on track, we headed to Davis Lake.

Once we left the Davis Lake area we headed north following the Pend Oreille River. We stopped for a number of caches alongside the river and enjoyed the history including small towns, ferry crossings and old railroads. The sun kept popping in and out, but it was a fun journey.

What is it with all the vultures this year? I'm starting to get paranoid. :o

As we neared the end of our day's journey, we drove past Sweet Creek Falls and returned on a second thought. We were glad for the decision. Besides a scenic upper and lower falls, we spotted bunchberry and mountain ladys slipper.

We chanced a small roadside restaurant and enjoyed a quiet meal with milk shakes. After that it was time to make our way to Metaline Falls, out stop for the evening. After checking in at our motel/bait shop lodging we headed off to visit the small town. The motel was one of two lodging gambles for the week. This one was a winner. The room was clean and quiet with a super internet connection. If I still fished, I would have been a customer. The "bait" shop was the best stocked tackle shop I have seen. I don't fish anymore, and I wanted to shop.

Metaline Falls is a small northern town. We had a walk around for the evening and enjoyed the sights. Our last cache was overlooking the river. We could hear an outdoor concert on the other side of the river. I would have been tempted to explore if we weren't so tired. Our walk around left me hearing the Dream Academy (the original video) song. Wow, I was young when that sound came out. I still enjoy hearing it.

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