Sunday, November 09, 2014

31 May 2014 Forest County and Day Two of the Star

We were heading back to Forest County and a second day of hunting caches in the Pennsylvania star. While we were taking care of morning tasks, the elusive warbler fell prey to my camera while visiting the patio. The phoebes appear to making a life's work of the nest they were building last week. As a former city boy, I am still amazed each time I step out the door and see such beautiful birds.

Spring life at a vernal pool

So far, the trail of the Pennsylvania star has not been challenging, although it has been a great reason to be outdoors and has provided some nice views. We were able to avenge one dnf on the trail today while realizing that someone appears to be living in the ANF and very close to one of the caches. We're about two-thirds complete, but will hold off on our last trip until there is a weekend where less camping is likely.

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