Saturday, December 01, 2007

1 December 2007 Bradley Woods.... Brrr

This was my last day in Ohio for a while. I will be visiting New Zealand and 70 degree weather. After today, I am really looking forward to the warmth. The day actually wasn't bad for northeast Ohio in December. It was bright out and in the low 30's. There was no rain. Still it was COLD.

We've been trying to cover Cleveland Metropark caches so we aren't caching in the dark the week before the permits end. Today was time to visit Bradley Woods. It was a nice walk, and I finally got some exercise after a really chaotic week at the office. I am glad my new position is nearly complete. The work will be great, but getting it done has been tiring. We rounded out the day with a few more caches, a trip to Malley's for ice cream, and a stop for our Christmas tree. It will be a few weeks before it is up, but I'm glad to know it will be waiting to be decorated when I come home.

The trip to New Zealand will be exciting. I have a full schedule with just enough free time to grab some caches. I have miatabug zipper pulls, GeoChums zipper pulls, and local souvenirs to use as swag. Now all I have to do is get over being away from Ali for so long. It will be the longest we have been apart since before we got married. All these years and all these miles, and I'm still not used to the traveling. Oh well, with warm weather in a beautiful land and long days expect a lot of postings for a while.

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