Wednesday, December 05, 2007

4 December 2007 Caching Auckland

Waitaramoa Reserve is a small city park that is home to LOTS of ducks and a black bird. There is a small stream running through the park and a small stretch of grass. Since it is late spring here, it was not surprising to see many of the birds with offspring. The black birds were paired off an hunting for something in the grass to feed their young. I was really happy at this cache since it meant Discount Frodo had finally made it to New Zealand and was in a cache.

The next cache was along the boardwalk in the picture. I keep waiting and watching for the first really colorful bird. I thought I might get lucky along this wetlands boardwalk, but it wasn’t to happen here. At least I’m enjoying the ones I’ve been hearing.

The trainspotting photo is for Chief. A passenger train pushed through across the bay while I was walking the boardwalk. My Dad was a rail fan. When we were kids, he would take us on these journeys looking for trains. He would always take his camera when he left the house (hmmm... maybe that's where I got my habit). We used to joke there were more photos of trains than there were of us. Come to think of it, there were a lot of photos of us standing next to a train. :-)

I thought of him and those journeys when I heard the train approaching from the distance. When I saw the image, I was reminded of all the model railroad magazines he used to read. On the cover, they would have a photo of a model train in some train layout setting. The train would stick out with this scenery backdrop behind it. This image has much the same quality with the train in focus and a slight blur to the world around it. It’s a bit strange. It’s almost a year ago that I was away from home traveling for work for a weekend during the holidays. On Friday evening of the weekend, I had a peaceful, pleasant time with my friend visiting the a local model railroad display set up for the holidays. I thought a lot about my Dad that evening as well. I miss you Chief. Four years seems so long ago.

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