Saturday, December 08, 2007

8 December 2007 Playing Tourist

I didn't want to join my colleagues for a 14-plus hour day traveling outside Auckland so I put my feet to work and tried to experience as much of Auckland as possible. I'll break the posts so they are a little easier to view.

One of my stops was to see a real live cricket match. I still don't understand the game's rules or scoring despite tutoring by many friends who know. This group was quite spirited in the play, but not up the the standard of the professionals that show up in video clips on the nightly news. There were no hard, powerful swings and long, arcing hits. Nor were there long graceful runs followed by acrobatic, bare-handed catches. There was just a lot of enthusiasm for a sport they really seem to enjoy. I did think the sofa under the awning was interesting. The took away all the items on the pitch after the match including the sofa.

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