Wednesday, December 05, 2007

4 December 2007 Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill

I was surprised to leave the hotel after work and realize it had been raining. I considered for a moment the grey clouds and decided I wasn’t going to let a little potential rain dampen an evening in New Zealand so off I went. By the time I reached Cornwall Park, the rain had stopped and the evening was much brighter. There were three caches in the park and adjacent One Tree Hill. I quickly learned that my evening would not include the first cache at Cornwall Park since I had not downloaded the track needed to find the multi (oops).

I had a great time at the first cache. To reach the cache, I needed to walk along a fence separating fields for the sheep. At one point in the fence there were two wooden steps built through the fence for crossing the fence into the other field. From there I walked across the field were there were dozens of sheep and climbed a rocky hill. The cache was hidden in the rocks on the hillside. While I was retrieving the cache and signing the log, there was a sheep standing about ten feet away watching me. After signing the log, I continued through the sheep and up the hill to the large monument shown in the distance of a photo below. That monument is a virtual cache. By the time I reached the virtual the rain had settled in again. I took the required photo and as many more as I chanced with my camera in all that rain. Then I made the mile-and-a-half return walk to the hotel. By the time I left One Tree Hill, it was a downpour. I stuffed my camera and PDA under my pullover and hoped they would survive (they did).

The area around One Tree Hill would make a great earthcache. If I have time to return to the park, I will try to gather the information I need. I already have an idea for the educational portion. It would be amazing to own a cache in New Zealand. I don’t think the volcanic cones are going anywhere so it wouldn’t need much maintenance.

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