Wednesday, December 05, 2007

4 December 2007 Hobson Bay

More geocaching brought me to Hobson Bay. There are two paths at Hobson Bay, a small one that winds along the top of hill overlooking the bay and a formal path along the water’s edge. Hobson Bay was the first of three off-leash dog areas I saw during the day. The people of Auckland love their dogs and seem to have a lot of them. I was greeted by a great number of friendly dogs and their owners on the walk.

I also got to add another cache to our favorites list. The cache is hidden in a bamboo stand at the edge of the woods along off the formal trail. It was a new experience to say the least. The bamboo is really dense and allows very little light. It is also really tough to navigate. To top it off the hide was one of the best I have seen. A number of the locals appear to have done this one at night. The bamboo would be really scary in the dark.

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