Tuesday, December 18, 2007

18 December 2007 It's Dark Outside

It's really tough to take pictures when traveling on the shortest days of the year. Yesterday evening I was riding in a taxi somewhere between Cincinnati and Louisville as a perfect sunset waved good-bye. This afternoon I was glancing out my office window as the afternoon wound down and a really nice sun slowly dropped below the horizon. I was thinking of the two or three great looking parks just a few miles from the office. Each of them laden with two or three caches waiting to be found. Oh well, there's work to be done.

These two pictures are a few more of the sights of New Zealand. The one flower looks a lot like turtlehead, except it was really large. The second flower I only saw once along a boardwalk by one of the bays. The plants were in an area that would normally be really wet. I hope you enjoy. By the way, here's a few things I learned while in New Zealand.

scones: Delightful biscuit pastry made even better by those wonderful people in New Zealand when it is served with whipped cream and jam (raspberry or strawberry) on top. YUM!!!!!!!!!

mossie: That nasty critter that we here in the states know as a mosquito.

cheap as chips: This is self explanatory in one of the lands of fish and chips. It does just roll out.

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