Sunday, December 16, 2007

16 December 2007 First Snow

This was the last day of the second last week for our company's 10,000 step program. I had a great week last week so I didn't really need a lot of steps, but we were hoping to have a big walk in North Chagrin this afternoon. This wasn't the first snow near our home, but this was the first snow for me since I had been out of the country. On the way to the park, we realized that a lot of cars just couldn't cope with the weather. The snow wasn't deep, but the temperature had gone up the night before and changed everything to rain. By morning it was snowing again so the roads were really slick. Most people were okay until they got to the really steep hills near our home. A number of cars and trucks got stuck and needed to be pushed up the hills. We were lucky enough to duck into the parking area by Foster's Run and have a wonderful walk in the snow. The park was ours today except for one lady and her really happy dog. The snow was grand, and the walk was fun.

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