Sunday, December 30, 2007

29 December 2007 The Medicinal Powers of Caching

I've had a few days of very bad pain. I had also realized that the pain was hand-in-hand with a severe fever. I was wasn't certain traveling was a great idea, but Ali drove us to PA. I really wanted a day of fun so I decided to take the risk.

By the time we reached the first cache, I realized how much I was forgetting. I had left my winter jacket at home and something that never happens had. My camera had stayed behind. :-( We were going for AGT caches in Venango County, but stopped for a couple that looked interesting along the way. I am really glad we did. After about 4000 finds, the caches are still fun, but there just aren't many that knock you over with excitement. Indiana Jones and the Geocache did. It may be the best cache ever. We were in two caves before finding the right cave. The second cave was the largest I have ever seen with narrow paths leading to the chambers and drop-in chambers. It was amazing.

The really funny thing is that I felt better as the day progressed. I paid dearly Saturday evening, but had a great time. The photos are from one of Dove's Christmas presents. She was wonderful and let me borrow her new camera for some photos. She was even gracious when I wanted to grab a few waymarks. :-) It's a good thing to have friends.

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