Sunday, December 30, 2007

27 December 2007 Mantua Esker and Headwaters Rail Trail

Through the magic of earthcaches, I learned today what an esker is. We went caching in the small town of Mantua. The walks were short, but there were enough of them to combine into a nice day walking without freezing in the cold weather. Besides learning about eskers, we also found what seems to be a nice bird area. We saw a pileated and a couple bluebirds plus the normal northeast Ohio winter inhabitants. It looks like a place to add a spring visit.

We also got a chance to walk for a bit on the Headwaters Rail Trail. It has been so long ago that I forgot the perpetual donations we made to make this trail a reality. It's still quite new, but it has the makings of a really wonderful place to bike. As long as the wolf hybrids at the one street intersection stay behind their fence. It's a little scary to see some serious teeth growling at the front of a creature and see the tail wagging at the rear. :-O Does that mean it will enjoy biting me?

We finished the day with a stop at a local pharmacy in Mantua. The last few days of pain were terrible and had worn me down so we made an emergency stop. We were really happy see an old fashioned ice cream counter inside the pharmacy. We stopped for an ice cream treat and visited with a very friendly lady who owns the store. It was a pleasant way to end the day.

There's not a lot of color around these days so grey scale seemed the way to go.

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