Thursday, September 18, 2008

12 September 2008 Albion Fair

It's fair day! It's fair day! It's raining. :-( We were not going to let a little rain spoil Albion Fair Day so we drove to PA and spent the day. For once we were actually on time to see the horse pull. The rain made for a really sloppy day in the ring. We visited the goats and stopped by the pigs. We were also early enough for the dress-a-pony/horse competition. The easter bunny won with little bo-peep in second. The clowns didn't place, but they seemed really happy playing in the mud. I don't think their mom was. We always visit the exhibit area, but today the buildings also were a great way to step inside when the rain got heavy. I thought the streetscape entry was one of the best art items I've ever seen at a fair.

As always, our last visit of the day was a stop at the carousel. :-) Since we were on our way to Rhode Island the next day, we road the carousel and left the fair earlier than usual. As usual, Ali chose the faster horse (or zebra) ;-).

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