Saturday, September 06, 2008

17 August 2008 A Quarry and a Prairie

Each year we make a one-day trip to Bigelow and Smith Cemeteries in southwestern Ohio. These very old cemeteries are ODNR nature preserves. The day is always a special treat for us. This year we planned to also add two new counties to our Ohio county finds.

The day started rocky and we had a bit of a delay during our trip, but with a little assistance we were off and traveling again. Ali wanted to erase a wimpy one with a second find in Marion, Ohio. GeaugaGarmin had spoken highly of Quarry Cache near Marion so we wanted to find that one. We were wondering how something in western Ohio was given a terrain rating this high. GG's suggestion was perfect. The cache is located at an old flooded quarry. To find the cache requires walking a trail along the rim of the quarry and jumping across fissures in the stone. Great views; great fun; outstanding cache.

We had a little more hunting in each county since a couple caches were missing, but we finally grabbed two new ones. After that we made our way to the Smith Cemetery. This was the latest we have been there and it showed. Most of the flowers were past their prime although there was one type that we just getting ready to bloom. We had never noticed the buds before. While we were walking and exploring the headstones, I also found the marker for Samuel Smith, a Revolutionary War veteran.

After visiting Smith Cemetery, we made our way to Bigelow Cemetery. The Royal Catchfly was past its prime, but still looked great. As a bonus the extremely tall Prarie Dock was at its finest.

A stop for some of the best fresh corn of the season and a visit to an ice cream stand ended a wonderful day.

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