Saturday, September 20, 2008

14 September 2008 A grey day in Rhode Island

One thing no one gets to do when they go on vacation is pick their weather. When we got going this morning, it was raining, a lot. We're cachers, and we were on the Little Rhody mission so we were going caching. Our first stop was a long, bike trail with four caches spread over a two and a half mile walk. It rained the whole walk. As we walked the trail it went from light rain with happy optimism from us to massive downpours. Ali's rain gear held up and she stayed dry, but my waterproof jacket gave up about a half-mile into the venture.

The worst thing about the rain was that we were on a great trail. Rhode Island's bike trails are by-far the best I've ever seen. They are nearly perfect in their quality and condition. The trail ran along water which had a huge number of birds. It was the most we saw at any location. With the intense rain I had no hope of a few photos. We grabbed the four caches along the trail and made our way to the oldest cache in Rhode Island. It is in a heavily wooded local park with two other caches. The park also has a nice trout stream. By this time we were seeing light rains and grey. By the time we left the park the day had turned to just an overcast day. We soon found a large shopping center so I could get dry clothes while Ali hunted the multi :-).

We finished the day by finding some puzzle caches Ali had pre-solved. The caches took us to some nice places including a small pond and a lake. One of the puzzle had fake coordinates for a nearby covered bridge so we used the coordinates to visit the nice bridge. While we were there we made friends with a really gentle springer spaniel. She wanted to go with us when we left. It was tempting...

We are now two days into the Little Rhody Challenge. We got two pages on day one and five pages on day two. We are hoping to finish the last five pages tomorrow.

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