Saturday, September 20, 2008

15 September 2008 Rhode Island and a Touch of Connecticut

We needed five more pages to finish Little Rhody. We got them. We also took time for a visit into Connecticut for a few caches and waymarks. This week we have been impressed with the numbers of orchid leaves we have seen. It seemed like most of them had sent spikes. We've also been surprised by the numbers of chestnuts we've seen and their size. None that have defied the blight, but still a number in the 20-30 feet range that still appear healthy.

Today was a good time to remember why we geocached. Our Connecticut visit started at a very nice park with a simple, quiet cache and pleasant wetlands. I later took us to Stonington with an old cemetery and an amazing chapel. We also got to hunt a few caches in a park that was once an old naval airbase in WWII. It was quite a historical moment to stand on the runway and envision the WWII naval planes taking off and landing. The tarmac was still configured to stage the planes. As I stood there, I could envision the carrier fighters lined up with their wings folded. The old runway light fixtures were still in place on the field.

Our last stop of the day was at Newport. I was taken by Newport. We arrived close to sunset and didn't have the time to park the car and visit, but I wished we had. It was a town that begged to be walked and begged to be visited like a tourist. Our last cache to qualify for the Little Rhody challenge was in Brenton Park just outside of Newport. It's a park where people go to relax and watch the sea. Ali found the oldest cache in Rhode Island as our qualifier for the Little Rhody. After that, we just enjoyed sunset. On the way back through town we stopped at a small park in Newport and soaked up the town and a beautiful evening. I hope to return some day.


Sara said...

absolutly beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

miatabug said...

Thanks for the kind words.