Friday, September 26, 2008

17 September 2008 Portland, Maine

At the start of our trip, Portland wasn't even on the schedule. Ali opened an e-mail from a very close friend and was surprised to find she was in Portland for a conference. Since she lives out west, Ali rarely gets to visit so I wasn't about to whine. On the previous evening, we had gotten into Portland after dark and didn't see much. We walked to the adjoining restaurant so we passed even the short ride into town.

The next morning was the only window for visiting so we were off to downtown Portland for breakfast and sightseeing. I wish every unplanned detour were this pleasant. We were both taken by the town. It is really attractive. Small town with enough big town feel to have a little edge to it. We had a great breakfast on the waterfront. After that we visited the best farmers' market we have ever seen. The produce looked amazing. The baked goods were amazing.

We finished a wonderful visit and continued to walk around the town and take in the sights. Our downtown trip concluded with a visit to the LL Bean store and a very nice wind-up LED for me for night caching.

We spent the afternoon and stayed until sunset at Sebago Lake. Sebago Lake is huge. It supplies over 15 percent of the household water for all of Maine. There are a number of caches to find in the lands around the lake and for us this evening, a very nice sunset to enjoy along the shore. Even a really, bad dinner couldn't offset the outstanding day.

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