Wednesday, September 24, 2008

16 September 2008 Little Rhody and Moving On

We did it! :-) This was our first challenge cache completion. Our walk to the final was fun. We had been near the final during our trek, so the trip back wasn't surprising. When we finished the challenge, we moved on to a couple nearby older caches. They were outstanding woods caches. One of them took us to Cars Pond. It really got to me to see how clear the water was on this trip. Cars Pond was a quiet pond with a BIG rock about 10 feet from shore. I waded/jumped out to the rock and just sat. This was a place I could have spent the day. On the way out from Cars Pond, ali spotted the small water flower in the photos.

After leaving Rhode Island, our journey moved to New Hampshire on our way to Maine. I was really disappointed with this section of New Hampshire. The traffic was awful. At least, our first cache was at a pleasant pond with an egret. From there it went downhill quickly. Our remaining stretch in New Hampshire this evening included a stop at a small park. Once we got into the woods, we realized that the hide location was a teen hangout with a huge porn collection, stolen park equipment converted to furniture, and drug graffiti sprayed around. The park was just beyond soccer fields attached to a school so we were a little taken back. Our last visit took us into the woods in a local park. This area was also a local teen hangout. We retreated to the car (and Maine) when we heard an approaching crowd of youth.

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