Saturday, September 13, 2008

6 September 2008 Gardner's Rocks

We were out with the Geodogs for an afternoon of caching. We made our first visit to the Hatch Run Conservancy to make a find. Today the hillside was a blanket of goldenrod. In the strip that had been brush-hogged in the spring milkweed had grown and was being eaten by monarch butterfly larvae.

Our second stop brought us to South and Gardner's Rocks. We've been to South Rocks before and had a great time. Today we were surprised by people camping on top the rocks. We weren't certain that this is an activity Collins Pine would support so we quietly signed the log and moved on.

Gardner's Rocks was a different story. We were the only people on the way to the rocks. Once we got in sight of the rocks we knew these were special. It was a tough last stretch of hiking, but the rocks were great fun.

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