Tuesday, September 02, 2008

16 August 2008 Caching Cleveland Metroparks

We were planning a short trip to the Prairie Cemeteries this weekend so we stayed in town on Saturday and decided to hunt a few CMP caches. Our starting point was Brecksville Reservation and a Rex C and the Girls cache. It was a multi that followed the creek. We picked the perfect day to find this cache. With blue skies and warm weather who cared about wet feet? We found toads, fish, and played with a few travel bugs. I also had a great time on the suspension bridge. We paused from our park caching to stop for a few nice caches in the very scenic town of Brecksville. After that we made a stop at an ice cream stand and finished our evening in CMP's Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation. We really gotten used to visiting this park gem and were happy to make another visit. This evening's walk took us on a boardwalk trail we had not visited before.

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