Friday, September 12, 2008

28 August 2008 Miniature Golf

When we stopped for a round of miniature golf last month, GG asked if we wanted to stop by Chardon for a round at Chip's Clubhouse. I said what's Chip's Clubhouse? They both explained to me that this new miniature golf course had been open all season. Oops, I never noticed. It was raining on the way there and not very inviting for a round, but the skies stopped and we had a lot of fun. Each of us had the chance to try our hand at the retrieval nets while playing the water hazards. When we were finished, we stopped to see the owner. He gave his permission for a cache at the location. We also all agreed this would make a great place for a fun little geo-meet ;-)

I don't remember who won (it wasn't me). It was a really fun evening with dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant to finish it off. I also bagged Chip's for a memorable waymark.

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