Wednesday, December 25, 2013

11 August 2013 With the Dogs... Day 2

It was day two alone with the dogs while Ali was taking a quick holiday. After some chores at the house, I decided to head for a trail in McKean County. We stopped at the now closed visitor area by Allegheny Reservoir to stretch and check out the water on this beautiful day before continuing our journey. For years, we've purchased gladiolus at a farm stand near Union City. It has become a summer tradition for us. This year we've not seen any for sale at the stand and weren't sure they were open any longer. Today, I spotted a farm stand on the side of the road selling glads. I did a quick u-turn and was happy to be able too surprise Ali with flowers on her return. I was even happier to see they had garlic for sale. The bulbs were a perfect variety for roasting.

The trail was nice and open and a perfect place for walking two dogs including a beagle still learning to geocache. I knew Ali was driving back and wouldn't be too far from where we were. I called her and made arrangements to meet. One problem with fun plans is they don't always work. We were both in an area with questionable cell phone signals and I am terrible at providing descriptions so getting together was much harder than planned. Eventually, we were re-united and made a stop for a night cache along Route 59 before hunting a missing cache near Jake's Rocks. It was nice to end the weekend on the trail together.

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