Monday, December 09, 2013

9 July 2013 Night Caching in Lake

Until very recently Lake Metroparks closed at sunset. Now besides a super-friendly geocaching policy, they have changed their hours to be open after dark. The change in hours has led to a couple of night caches being placed. This evening's night hunt was a cache at the newer Gully Brook Park. We've been here during daylight hours and found out the mosqitoes here are total blood suckerss. They are plentiful and aggressive. We were hoping they were less painful after dark.

We arrived earlier than sunset. We were hoping to start the cache early and finish after dark. While we were waiting for just a little more darkness, another local geocaching family arrived so we were off together. It was a fun adventure and a well done night cache. As we were finishing our loop through the park, yet another geoocaching family showed up for an after-dark stroll. We had a great time. Gwen had a great if slightly muddy walk.

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