Thursday, December 26, 2013

14 August 2013 Missed Finds

I missed finds on a multi during a lunch-time walk and a cache in a woodpile at an old school, but I did find that Dr. Who spends some time in Salisbury. He may call England his normal home when visiting Earth, but he's in Salisbury enough that he has local trash pick-up and an account with Dish Network. The Dish must be so he can keep up with his shows on BBC America. ;-)

At least both unfound caches were accompanied by decent walks. The multi sent me into woods where I found the flower below. The cache was disabled a few weeks later so hopefully I can stop by for a find on a future visit. I spent part of the evening at Horizons Unlimited. I enjoyed the walk on their nature trail, but was really frustrated hunting the cache near Setzer School. The school was built in the 1840's. I'm always cautious hunting caches around historical places because of the damage that can be done, and this is a tough hide. I probably won't go back to this one.

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