Thursday, December 19, 2013

28 July 2013 Westbound

In the morning, there was a new cache published at Orchard Hills Park. It is close to home and seemed like a great place to walk on a travel day. We drove over with the dogs and enjoyed a rare first-to-find before taking a nice, long walk around the park. Orchard Hills is an interesting park. It is an old golf course that used to have apple orchards winding through it. When the park district took it over there was talk of adding camping areas and woods. Instead, the open fields have slowly morphed into a nice prairie wildflower area. The park has become a very pleasant place to be in the summer and a nice location for cross-country skiing in the winter. With limited options before my flight, it was a grand walk.

It was an easy flight west. I enjoyed a quiet sunset from the observation deck at Minneapolis Airport.

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