Sunday, December 01, 2013

28 June 2013 SGL 277

We have a new task in life, dealing with a grieving dog. When I was a youth I saw first hand the attachment between humans and dogs. My parents were friends with a couple with a dachshund. The couple would gather every evening in the same room to read for an hour or two. If they had company, there were extra chairs for all to gather together and talk. Each evening, their dachshund would run to the bedroom and grab the husband's slippers. After the slippers were delivered, the dachshund would lie down by the husband's chair and sleep. The husband died from cancer. For years after his death, that dachshund would carry the slippers to the man's chair each night. He would place them at the front of the chair and fall asleep on them. Some evenings I was there to hear the poor dog whimper quietly after delivering his friend's slippers. I never saw that dog's tail wag after the death.

We knew Eva and Gwen were close. I don't think either of us realized how close eight years of walking a trail together, riding to Pennsylvania together and sleeping in bed with us would make them. On her last weekend, as Eva slowly faded, Gwen would walk over and curl up next to Eva. Since Eva has left, Gwen's stump has gone quiet. She is listless with none of the happy responses that are so common for her. We hope we can keep her busy as she works through the process. I would hate to lose her too. This afternoon we brought her to SGL 277 for some walking. We grabbed a few geocaches and spotted some less usual flowers.



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