Thursday, December 12, 2013

11July 2013 Lake Erie Sunset

We drove to a park in Lake County for sunset on day 2 of the Phineas and Gwen Era. Phineas was already living up to the shelter's description of him, "very vocal", so we were uncertain how bad it would be. The park was really crowded with people stopping by to enjoy the evening and sunset. We found the cache at the park and settled in on a bench and were pleasantly surprised. We tried not to laugh when we overheard one half of a couple telling the other one "that's how good dogs behave." We haven't heard to our dogs in the same sentence as good since we had Murray and Eva for a pair.

We enjoyed watching a freighter in the distance. We were also spectators to the arrrival of a bus full of men arriving and running down to the rocks along the shore to shout praise as the sunset. It was a happy evening.

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