Friday, December 27, 2013

15 August 2013 Looking for One Cache

I had two missions this afternoon and evening. The first was to drive to Wytheville. The second was to find one cache for our daily souvenir. How difficult could this be? I stopped for two stream side caches and missed both. I made my way to Fancy Gap and went for a find alongside the stream with no success. These were great locations. They were places I cache to visit. All was perfect except I had zero finds for the August souvenir day.

I gave up. I was so desperate, I stopped at a Wendy's on the way for an early dinner. I never eat before reaching my destination. While in the Wendy's, I made my room reservation and settled in to make a plan for that one find to gain us a souvenir. I located a cache at a senior center about ten minutes from the restaurant. When I arrived at the cache location, I was sad to find an lpc. Yes, our one find was to be a light pole cache.

I did redeem myself before I reached the hotel by finding a regular one exit from the hotel. It was a nice stop since I also got to meet a couple out caching for the evening. I further recovered a bit of my caching dignity by finding a puzzle before heading to my hotel. All in all it wasn't a bad journey with wildflowers, scenic streams, and a couple of nice cache finds.

Someone is bonded to mom.

Oh, how could it be....

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