Tuesday, December 24, 2013

4 August 2013 Another Day... Another State Park

As pleasant as our stay in London, Ohio was, we were paid back with the nastiest room I've ever seen at the Holiday Inn Express in Circleville. Between patched wallpaper, water stains on the ceiling, a torn lampshade, and what looked like dried blood on the carpeting, we were ready to leave early Sunday morning.

It isn't like Holiday Inn Express rooms are cheap.

Is that blood?

Our day was looking up as we headed to Tim Horton's for breakfast to eat at Ted Lewis Park. After breakfast, we stayed at the park to find a nice multi in the park. If you hunt the multi, you will get to know the elevated scoreboard very well.

Circleville's a nice looking town. We both liked the spire on the coroner's building. We stopped to find a couple benchmarks before moving on.

All the trails here have corn along the side at some point.

We now know what the blossoms from yesterday's leaf-less plants look like. We spotted these while caching along a rail trail.

Ali had been to Rising Park in Lancaster years ago, but this was my first visit. She wanted to share this great view with me. I really enjoyed this park.

Our visit to Buckeye Lake was priceless. I wanted to take pictures, but was concerned about upsetting the locals. It's not unusual to see a truck near a lake pulling a trailer down the street with two personal watercraft on the trailer, but it is unusual (and illegal) to see two rednecks sitting on their personal watercrafts drinking beer as the truck pulls them down the street. We followed this up with two characters in a golf cart driving maniacally around the park trying to run down waterfowl on the shore. We found a cache at the park so we could add that to the challenge qualification and happily returned to a more civilized place.

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