Thursday, December 26, 2013

13 August 2013 Linn Field

Cheerwine is a Salisbury, North Carolina native. The cherry soda is popular with the locals. While I prefer Cherries and Cream, it's a tasty product and something of a change. I was surprised recently to see it had made its way far north and was now being sold in the local Heinens grocery stores and the local World Market. I stopped by Linn Field this evening to find a cache. The ball fields appear to be sponsored by Cheerwine. As usual, I got to the edge of the woods and remembered I had forgotten to bring my hiking stick. I have more luck than brains when it comes to dealing with copperheads when caching in North Carolina.

I use geocaching to get past all the traveling from my work. Salisbury is a tough visit for me because I've found almost all the non-micros in the area. What's left is a string of mind-numbing roadside and parking lot micros. Since I visit most places quarterly, it used to be there were a few new quality caches that would fill in between trips. Now, in most places I usually visit, those few caches have been replaced by a multitude of poorly located micros. There's a few places like Spokane and the Niagara Falls area where I can always find those nice, new hides in the local parks, but they are the exception. :-(

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