Friday, December 06, 2013

2 July 2013 Candy and Sunset

We headed off for an eveing with a few planned cache finds on the Lake County GeoTour. Our first stop was the Red Candy Store. If you are a fan of trying different and unusual candies or if there is a candy from your youth or another part of the country that isn't around locally, this place may have it. I spotted a Pez-like candy I had once in San Antonio. I comes in flavors like tropical fruit and mango. Ali spotted Abba Zabba which she found on a previous vacation. The store owner was super friendly and it was fun walking around the shop after finding the cache.

We grabbed another cache on the way to sunset and a visit to Arcola Creek. Arcola Creek is one of the few places where I used to surf fish on Lake Erie. Steelhead would roll past the entrance to the creek. It's a beautiful location and one of those places few people visit. This evening we had a quiet end to the day after making our last cache find.

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