Friday, December 20, 2013

30 July 2013 High Above Spokane

I was really excited about the evening's caching. I was headed to explore a new area of Dishman Hills. There was a multi and a few high terrain caches in my plans. I found stage one of the multi and was off on my adventure. Stage two did not work out for the multi, but the hike to the ridge line was awesome. There are a lot of spring wildflowers in the mountains around Spokane, but I have never seen many blossoms in the summer. This evening I was able to spot a few along the way.

The views along the ridge were outstanding. I ended up with four caches found and was able to make the last find despite muggles in a hot air balloon. My adventure began after I signed the last log and was starting back along the trail. As I neared the trail I was stung by something on my left arm. I normally have no response to stings. I also normally have benadryl in my cache bag because Ali does not do well with stings. All this is good except this evening I did have a reaction, and since I had flown, my normal cache bag with bendryl was back in Ohio. I was at least 45 minutes from the parking and a chance of seeing someone else. It took me about fifteen minutes to get calm and start making my way back down. The evening ended well, but it was a bit scary.

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