Saturday, December 28, 2013

17 August 2013 Laurel Run

There is a large trail of caches along the Laurel Mill Ski Trail in Elk so we drove over today to hike a portion of the trail. We completed about half the trail while enjoying a nice walk and a lot of cache finds.

Ali looking for frogs at the edge of the water.

Like a lot of the ANF, some of the trail has a heavy carpet of ferns which are a product of heavy deer browsing.

Gwen rests on a long day.

Today was a day for spotting old objects on our hike. We were on our way to an older multi when I spotted the lower half of an old Pepsi bottle. The bottle was processed at the New York bottler. While I couldn't determine its age, it has no zip code on the bottler's location. Since zip codes came into use in the early 60's, the bottle remnant appears to be about 50 years old. I also spotted a solitary rusting car door. Finding whole vehicles in the woods is not unusual, but just a random door is not so common. I can usually identify the auto, but this one eludes me.

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